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Accredited Certification: Russian Volume  

Class Hours

10:00 am – 3:00 pm

This advanced course is designed to take you through every step of volume lashing for lash artists already trained in classic lashing. From choosing length and thickness to wrapping techniques to implementing volume lashing into your business, The Volume Course has your advanced lashing skills covered. Volume lashing is an advanced lashing method where 2-6 lightweight lash extensions are applied per one natural eyelash. Students will learn how to create, dip, and wrap 2D-6D volume fans in the Volume Course, implement volume lashing into their business, proper volume lash safety, and more!  A thorough understanding of classic lashing is required for volume training.

Typical entry requirement:

Age 18+

No prior beauty experience is necessary.

Other Requirements

Students must usually have studied for a minimum of two years post GCSE level. However, we will consider applications from mature students who do not have two years of post-16 study, where they have relevant work experience.

International Students: English Language Requirements 

International students must be proficient in English language. There are a number of ways to satisfy this entry requirement. IELTS, Cambridge IGCSE: English as a 2nd language, TOEFL, TOEFL IP, Pearsons Test of English.


£800.00 GBP

$995.00 CAD

Day 1 – Online Theory:

Module 1: Introduction
– Welcome and Overview
– Importance of Infection Control Training

Module 2: Infection Control Basics
– What are Blood-Borne Pathogens?
– Infection Control Legislation
– The Chain of Infection

Module 3: Blood-Borne Disease
– Types of Blood-Borne Diseases
– HIV and AIDS
– Hepatitis B Virus
– Hepatitis C Virus
– Skin Diseases
– Other Viruses

Module 4: Infection Prevention
– Infection and Work Practice Controls
– Cross Infection
– Reducing Risk
– Body Fluid Cleanup Procedures
– Hazardous Disposal Procedures

Module 5: Personal Protection
– Glove Removal and Disposal
– Hand Hygiene

Module 6: Response to Exposure
– Exposure Incident
– Safe Injection Practices
– Testing and Counseling

Module 7: Certification
– Awarding of CPD Accredited Certificate BEAUTY THERAPY INFECTION CONTROL LEVEL 2 (VTQ)

Day 2 – Volume Lash Training:

Module 1: Introduction
– Welcome to Volume Lash Training
– Overview of Day 2’s Curriculum

Module 2: Health and Safety
– Sanitation vs. Sterilization
– Lash Artist Hygiene
– Workspace Sanitation
– Eye Conditions and Allergies
– Warning Signs
– Advanced Reactions

Module 3: Volume Lash Theory
– Volume vs. Classic Lashing
– Volume Lashes vs. Cluster Lashes
– Volume Lashes vs. Pre-Made Clusters
– Volume Lashing Benefits
– Lash Extension Weights
– Growth Cycle
– Signs of Stress on Lashes

Module 4: Preparing Volume Fans
– Fan Spacing
– Base Spacing
– Fan Size
– Volume Lash Pickup Methods

Module 5: Wrapping the Natural Lash
– Dipping Volume Fans
– Dipping for Placement Underneath the Lash
– Dipping for Top Placement
– Wrapping Volume Fans
– Base Placement

Module 6: Workspace Setup
– Organizing Your Workspace
– Adhesive Setup
– Lash Palette Options
– Brushes and Bed Setup

Module 7: Lash Artist Health
– Posture
– Lighting
– Lash Bed and Stool Setup
– Mask Usage
– Ventilation
– Hand Care

Module 8: Preparing Your Client
– Cleansing Natural Lashes
– In-Depth Cleaning
– Priming Lashes
– Gel Pad Types
– Upper Lash Isolation
– Gel Pad & Tape Troubleshooting
– Securing Stubborn Lashes

Module 9: Lash Styling
– Lash Shaping Styles
– Eye Planes
– Eye Shapes
– Eye Sets
– Determining Styling for Your Client
– Cat-eye, Open eye, Natural Sweep & Reverse Cat Eye
– Mapping and Mixing Curls
– Capping Techniques
– Capping with Multiple Curls

Module 10: Isolation and Bonding
– Isolating Lashes
– Spreading the Lash Line
– Basic Lash Isolation
– Tape Back Application
– Checking for Stickies
– Completing a Set

Module 11: Fill Appointments
– Cleansing Before a Fill
– Removing Unruly Extensions
– Filling to Complete
– Capping at a Fill Appointment
– Increasing/Decreasing Lengths
– Changing Styles at Fill Appointment

Module 12: Aftercare
– Do’s and Don’ts
– Analyzing Shed Patterns
– Lash Tangling
– Outer Corner Shedding
– Lash Extensions Lifting at Base

Module 13: Removing Techniques
– Removing a Volume Fan
– Removing Single Lash with Tweezer
– Removing a Full Set

Module 14: Marketing Volume Lashes
– Pricing Your Volume Set
– Hybrid Sets
– Kit Contents Overview


Upon successful completion of our program, you will be awarded two nationally recognized certifications:  

  • Awarding of CPD Accredited Certificate BEAUTY THERAPY INFECTION CONTROL LEVEL 2 (VTQ)
  • Eyelash Extension Accredited Certificate 

Potential Career Paths:

Self-Employed: Embark on the journey of entrepreneurship by establishing your own beauty business.

Employment Opportunities: Employers actively seek beauty therapists who have received proper training and hold accredited qualifications. Completing a Herstory Academy training program and obtaining our accredited certificate of completion will not only showcase your professionalism but also your unwavering commitment to the field, making you an attractive candidate for prospective employers.

Earn an Internationally Recognized Accredited Certificate: Graduates from our program receive an accredited certificate that holds international recognition.

Ongoing Support for a Year: We provide our students with one full year of support from the dedicated Herstory Academy Team.

Complimentary Refresher Class: As part of our commitment to your success, we offer all our students the opportunity to attend a free refresher class within their first year of completing the program.

Personalized, One-on-One Training: Our training is designed for personalized, one-on-one instruction, with a maximum of two students. This approach ensures focused learning and offers exceptional value for your investment.

Access to Herstory Academy International: Graduates have the opportunity to join the esteemed Herstory Academy International network.

Bonus Resources: As a part of your training, you’ll receive valuable resources, including a manual, contracts, and aftercare forms, which can be used in your own business endeavors.

Dual Certification:

Upon successful completion of our program, you will be awarded two nationally recognized certifications:

I couldn't be happier with my decision to take this course. The knowledge and hands-on experience I gained were invaluable. The infection control focus gave me confidence in providing safe services, and the specialization in volume lash extensions opened up new opportunities for my career. The inclusive kit was a bonus. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to excel in the beauty and lash industry.

This course is an excellent choice for aspiring beauty therapists and lash artists due to its comprehensive curriculum, professional certification, and an emphasis on infection control, ensuring safety and hygiene. The specialization in volume lash extensions and hands-on training provides valuable skills and practical experience. Moreover, the inclusive kit further enhances the value of the course, making it a cost-effective and convenient option for those looking to enter the beauty and lash extension industry.

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